Nest Hub

Nest Hub Reportedly, Is Set To Be Launched By Google With Soli For Tracking Sleep

According to the close sources of Google, the company is planning on launching the latest Nest Hub during this new year of 2021.

Nest Hub is a Smart Display on Google. This upcoming feature is going to include a sleep tracking measure that will be powered by the radar technology owned by the company, Soli.

Google Will Help Sleep Tracking Through Nest Hub

Advanced Technology as well as the Projects team of Google has first released Soli in the year 2015. However, they did not introduce it on any consumer device until very recently in 2019.

The existing sensor enables the user to conduct air gestures like play or pause, skip or rewind tracks along with silence calls and snooze alarms through Pixel 4. According to the sources, Soli will very soon enable the user to track their sleep.

Google has also planned on embedding this advanced feature into their forthcoming Nest Hub. Google will be supporting the Smart Displays that are frequently placed on the bedside tables to function as an alarm clock or speaker.

The actual gadget has a better chance of being utilized in more sensitive regions. This is basically due to the reason that there is no camera available. As a result, the motivation to place the device to track sleep on the nightstand is largely absent. Although there is some promise shown by Google of coming up with advanced features. For instance, Nest Hub Max already has a camera for air gestures.

A Nest Hub of 7-inch costs $89.99 at present and the Hub Max 10-inch costs $229. However, Google has declined on commenting upon such reports.