NiSi Launched Their 2nd Lens With f/2.5 9mm APS-C Camera For $450

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    NiSi has made a big announcement of launching their 2nd lens since their 1st one which was a long time ago. Their 2nd lens is expected to offer f/2.8 of 9mm that will provide mounts for the APS-C camera. On the other hand, the company has placed its lens to be the perfect one for astrophotography as well as architecture. Its sharp consistency, low distortion along with wide angle makes it the ideal choice for capturing shots. 

    Ideal Lens By NiSi 

    NiSi is a Chinese company that manufactures lens filters. Their first ever lens had been introduced in 2021 January. This lens had been manufactured for Fujifilm X, Micro Four-Thirds, Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Sony E mount cameras. It had specifications of f/4 15mm. 

    After almost a year, they are launching another lens that is much wider in terms of angle with a 113-degree or 13.5mm view field that is equal to the focal length of 35mm for APS-C cameras. In addition, in comparison to Micro Four-Thirds, it has a 100-degree or 18mm view field. 

    A New Lens With A Better Angle 

    Last week it was revealed that NiSi had already shared the details of their second lens on their official page named Weibo. The lens is prepared to be released worldwide and includes 12 groups with 14 elements. It also has 2 dual-sided aspherical elements along with 4 very low dispersion elements. 

    It must be noted that this lens is completely manual and lacks electronic communication in relation to the camera. There is an f/2.8 aperture range via an aperture diaphragm of 10-blade through f/16. This allows a pleasing bokeh in blurred areas. The straight aperture blade design helps in creating an enjoyable Sunstar effect. NiSi also has a 7.8-inches minimum distance focus with a weather seal. It will come at $459 price.

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