PlayStation Portal: It’s Exciting And Life-Changing All at Once

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    Apart from the other horrible things about traveling, I’ve detested the inability to carry my PlayStation5 alongside me for years. That’s something I can now do, all because of my new PlayStation Portal.

    The $200 Sony Remote Play PS5 add-on, which allows you to transmit gaming to a different device, such as your phone, is both revolutionary and annoying at the same time. You don’t have to carry around a massive console or make too many compromises in terms of graphics load or quality times when you use Portal to carry your PlayStation5 video games with you. You may play your PS5 video games on the fly without actually missing much if you have a strong WiFi connection.

    But finding reliable WiFi might be challenging. Despite its restricted feature set and reliance on a dependable internet connection, the PlayStation Portal has been a mediocre product that I would continue to take with me whenever I travel.

    My Fondness For The PlayStation Portal

    PlayStation Portal first appears to be the much anticipated—but regrettably unlikely to occur—follow-up to Sony’s previous portable systems, the Vita and PSP. Because it’s just a huge LCD screen tucked in between a DualSense controller’s two parts, it also has a goofy appearance. It’s a clever concept that genuinely works rather nicely. Portal feels precisely like the DualSense Joystick supplied with every PlayStation5, which is perhaps the greatest controller Sony has made ever. The goal was achieved! But the good times don’t end there.

    Sony packaged the special haptic features—like adjustable triggers and subtle controller rumble—with PlayStation Portal. Astro’s Playroom, a console pack-in game, allowed me to test this, and without a doubt, it felt the same as it had when I first turned on my PS5 in 2020.

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