Plex Has Been Compromised But It Continues To Reassure Users

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    Customers of the streaming media service Plex were notified via email earlier today of a security breach that might have exposed account information, including usernames, email addresses, and passwords. Even though the notice from Plex claims that “all account passwords that could have been accessed were hashed and encrypted in accordance with best standards,” it nonetheless urges all users to change their passwords right now.

    Plex Accepts That User Data Has Been Breached

    Around 20 million users use Plex, one of the most popular media server apps, to stream their own uploaded video, audio, and photographs in addition to the wide range of content the service offers to pay members.

    Due to the fact that “credit card and other payment information really aren’t saved on our systems at all and were just not exposed in this event,” according to Plex’s email, clients may rest assured that their financial information looks to be protected despite the compromise. It claims it has taken steps to stop others from exploiting the same security issue after identifying the cause of the leak.

    “We have already addressed the technique that this outside party used to enter the system, and we are conducting additional checks to guarantee that the security of every one of our systems is further toughened to prevent intrusions in the future.” If you have an account, you should take urgent action to secure it by following these company-provided guidelines. If you have not done, you must also enable two-factor authentication. 

    The multiple authentication options are located on the Account page in Plex. You should also use a password manager, either free or premium, to handle difficult, one-of-a-kind passwords, and 2FA codes across all of your apps, services, and websites. 

    Some password managers will notify you when your credentials have been compromised online and autofill passwords when requested by desktop and mobile apps and websites.

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