QNED TV By LG Takes Visual Experience To The Next Level With 30,000 Minute LEDs

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    The foremost maker of OLED TV is now taking a step forward towards Mini LED in order to launch their premium sets of LCD. LG is synonymous with producing OLED TVs. However, they are about to announce their range of LED-based sets within the beginning of 2021 under the brand of ‘QNED TV’.

    Like the other manufacturing companies like TCL, LG is going to adopt the technology of Mini LED for their premium 8K and 4K LCD TVs in the upcoming year.

    LG Stepping Up The Game With QNED TVs

    The Mini LED enables a massive step forward in the picture quality of LCD TV. The leading LCD TVs at present have a full array of local dimming. Whereas, LEDs may or may not include backlighting the screen from behind.

    Now, LG has come up with the offer claiming that they will offer a new backlight that will include approximately 30,000 mini LEDs which generate remarkable brightness. They are also giving the contrast ratio that is 1,000,000:1 after pairing with 2,500 dimming regions and advanced local dimming regions.

    All this will lead to an advanced contrast with better dynamic HDR as well as an enhanced color accuracy for the previous LCD sets,

    LG decided to brand these superior LCD TVs under the tag of QNED TV. The ‘Q’ refers to the quantum dot color as well as the N supposedly refers to the ‘NanoCell’ branding by LG.

    The 8 series of TCL is the closest competitor of the QNED TV of LG. Nonetheless, TV customers now have to choose between the options of QNED TV, QLED, and OLED.

    MicroLED TV sets are extremely expensive. We might have to wait a few more months before we can know the price of LG’s brand new QNED TV.

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