Siri Latest Update, Apple To Launch Fifth US English Siri Voice

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    In the Apple series, Siri already has four different English voices in an American accent, which is insufficient for the company. Recently for the first time, they added the fifth voice in iOs 15.4 with the sole motive to administer a unisexual voice option, as stated by Axios.

    Initially, in the beta phase, this new American voice was named in the settings as ‘Voice 5’; later on, it changed to ‘Quinn’ as declared by developer Steve Moser on Twitter. It is a confirmed fact that Apple started to Axios that a representative of the LGBTQ+ society had recorded this new voice and posted a demo of the same.

    More Personalized Version Of Siri Voice

    The female voice of Siri, which is the foundation of the Apple series and a principle feature, has just been a default since 2011, which was recently changed by giving both male and female options to the users. As per the statement issued by Apple for the new voice, the company is trying to develop as many options as they can to make the experience more personalized for millions of Siri users.

    This is mainly executed as there are a huge number of people living in all parts of the world who require the assistance of Siri in every little thing. Siri’s third and fourth American accented voices were dedicated mainly to the African Americans and their understanding.

    This is not just the end as Apple also offers numerous other Siri voices in various languages like Spanish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, and many more. Not only has the voice mentioned above been added to the iOs 15.4 model, but there have also been new changes that enable the phone to use the ID of the face despite the individual wearing a mask. Moreover, there are new settings like streaming preferred music and 5G support in dual-sim in the latest version.

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