Echo Buds 2023

The Amazon Echo Buds 2023 Are A Great Bang For The Buck

The Echo Buds 2023 are vastly different from the version released in 2021. From the design to the price tag, the latest version hosts a variety of changes, mostly for the better. At the same time, the functionality remains the same – getting Alexa to your ear. The Echo Buds 2023 remains one of the most convenient and easy accesses to a hands-free assistant on the go.

How Does The Echo Buds 2023 Fare?

There are a few surprises in the Echo Buds 2023, starting from its packaging. For example, even if the case is white on the outside, the interior as well as the earbuds can be selected to be completely black. For some, it can give off a sleek impression. For others, however, perhaps following a singular color scheme would have been more consistent. Nevertheless, it has the same ring box opening mechanism that is common to all other wireless earbuds. Unfortunately, even if it has a USB-C charging slot, the box does not come with a cable of its own.

Setting up the Echo Buds 2023 should not be a hassle at all, especially with the help of the Alexa app. Of course, you will need the app downloaded on your phone to make full use of it. After the initial set-up, every consequent connection will take place automatically. For other devices, Bluetooth is the method to set the Echo Buds 2023. As for controlling the buds, the methods are comparatively simple. Press it once to play or pause. Double pressing means the next track while pressing three times will get it to play the previous track.

To communicate with Alexa, users will have to press and hold the Echo Buds 2023 for a while. You can also ask Alexa verbally to carry out your command or choose the song to play. The sound quality is noticeably impressive for the price tag.