Sonos Is Reportedly Planning To Launch Headphones In The Upcoming Year

Thus far, Sonos has been a firm that specializes in one particular thing and has done it well: speakers. Although Sonos does provide accessories, audio components, and a business-focused product called Sonos Pro, its primary business has been speakers forever.

Next year, this may drastically alter. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that the company intends to introduce many brand-new items in 2024, notably its first headphones.

Sonos To Invest In Television Set-Top Boxes As Well

According to Gurman, Sonos began developing headphones around three years back, but the business abandoned early models. Additionally, Patrick Spence, the CEO of the business, has declared that the company is poised to break into a whole new market. “Although the market is still difficult right now, we anticipate that our R&D expenditures will pay off over the course of a manufacturing cycle. In the later half of the year, we will launch a new multibillion-dollar category that will enhance our present offering, delight clients, and generate instant income, marking the beginning of this cycle,” he revealed in an announcement.

The headphones, like previous goods, are not going to be inexpensive; Gurman reports that the price is “up to $400,” and the delivery date is “around April.” The story doesn’t go into great depth regarding the headphones’ specifications, other than to say that they probably will sync with other devices and come with Sonos‘ Voice Control assistant.

It is also rumored that the company is developing a set-top box for televisions that will be released in the next two years and a pair of earphones that may follow the headphones. The estimated price range for the TV streaming gadget is $150 to $200, and would supposedly support Netflix-like apps. Naturally, Sonos will still be releasing speakers next year. A new Roam portable speaker, a new Subwoofer, and an entirely novel soundbar product are among the new items we may anticipate.