The New Advertising Format Introduced By X Cannot Be Reported Or Disabled

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    One of X’s least transparent products so far, the platform owned now by Elon Musk once referred to as Twitter, has started presenting its customers with an odd new ad style. The release of these advertisements also gives the general public an idea as to how far the business is suffering to draw in advertising.

    Over the last several days, a number of users of the platform have contacted Mashable to announce seeing a brand-new kind of advertisement on the For You page which they had never seen before on the site. Users cannot retweet or like the postings of these new X advertising. This weird new ad type, which only consists of a sort of written copy language, a picture, along a false avatar with the express intention of making the ad appear as an organically sent tweet, has been validated by several users from throughout the platform, according to Mashable. 

    X Adverts Turn Out To Be Low-Quality Clickbaits For Third-Party Websites

    The advertisements Mashable has seen seem to push the same kinds of content as spammy, “chum box” low-quality ads, which are often described as the clickbait ads that appear at the corner of stories on the content farm websites and were made famous by ad networks similar to Taboola. 

    One advertisement directs readers to an unauthorized content generator website that is crammed with its own advertisements with the message “This Seems Unbelievable, But Happens in Dubai Everyday.” “These Exceptionally Cool Devices Will Be Out This Year. Other examples of a couple of materials in these X commercials are “Action Now!” and another one about ringing ears. Those who have encountered these adverts claim that if they click anywhere inside the advertisement, including the phony avatar, they are sent to a certain third-party site in a fresh window. There has been no post on the platform to browse and no user profile linked to the advertisement to visit.

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