Uncover Windows 10X: The True Challenge To Google Chrome Is Here

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    Microsoft is to bring out the new Windows 10X, a lightweight OS which is likely to take on the preferred Google Chrome OS.

    This version of Windows Operating System comes after long years of waiting by which time Google’s Chrome has become an all-time favorite for most users. Prior to the official launch of the Windows 10X, there has been a leak that gives us a peek into the almost-final version of the new Operating System. This one will be available for use in laptops.

    Originally, this project was to be framed for double screen devices. The launch of Windows 10X was likely to happen alongside the new Microsoft Surface Neo, a tablet that can fold into a full-fledged working device of 13 inches.

    Windows 10X Reworked For Single-Screen Devices

    The tech giant revealed in a statement last year that the company has changed the earlier structure of its upcoming OS. The Windows 10X was reworked into an OS for devices with a single screen like laptops. Besides this, the company also stated that its folding tablet, Surface NEO’s launch will also be deferred. The earlier date was likely to be sometime during the holiday season of 2020. However, both the OS and the device are expected to release this year.

    However, this new OS is not like an update that you can install in your old device. This one will only be shipped with new devices. Experts agree that this is a smart move on the part of the company as anyone who is tempted to buy a Chromebook now, might go for this lightweight OS version.

    The new OS is a simplified version to such an extent that it feels like a web portal rather than a Windows app portal. Check out other changes that Windows 10X brings to know if it is a worthy Chrome OS counterpart.

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