Update For Reddit iOS And Android App

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    Reddit iOS and Android apps get a new update. Similar to TikTok’s ‘For You’ page, Reddit has updated its mobile software for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones, adding a Discover button that allows you to find new content and subreddits that you haven’t seen before.

    The social media platform is a gathering place for a variety of communities that may be applied to a variety of franchises, goods, and brands. Subreddits are generally subscribed to by its users, or Redditors as the company refers to them.

    Reddit iOS And Android App Will Feature A New Tab

    However, you can generally find new categories and subjects on the site and app by using the algorithm to highlight popular material on the home page or actively search for anything.

    When compared to other social networking platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it might be difficult to uncover new material on Reddit.

    While the website had a visual upgrade in 2018, it fell short of making it apparent how to explore subreddits and be accessible to new users.

    Because of its different look from the website, Reddit iOS and Android is considerably easier to browse. However, Apollo, a third-party program, does the same job with a more user-friendly interface.

    The new Discover function will help Reddit bridge the gap behind Apollo in this area, but the next step should be to see how this can be applied to its website, which arguably still has a late-nineties look.

    Reddit may appeal to an even larger userbase than it does now if it can undertake another overhaul of its site that makes it easier to navigate for new users while also making existing material appear more enticing. The new tab is in the process of rolling out to Reddit iOS users and Android now, though not everyone will see the update pop up at the same time.

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