Windows 11 Pro Users Will Require To Sign-In Using A MS Account To Set Up

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    Microsoft has declared that users shortly will require to sign in using an MS Account and connect to the internet to experience the out-of-box setup on Windows 11 Pro. This requirement has been in force on the home version of Windows 11 since it was launched in October 2021.

    Microsoft had earlier positioned Windows 11 Pro to be convenient if you could not set up or did not want the Windows 11 using a net connection. But it now transpires that both versions, Pro and Home, will need internet access and sign-up with an MS Account to log on to their computer initially.

    Requirement Frustrating For Users Of Windows 11 Pro Without Access To Internet Connection

    This move is bound to be a frustration for users of Microsoft 11 Pro who do not want to access it through an MS Account or cannot access the internet.

    It is certain to be frustrating also for users with ambiguous mail addresses. Windows 11 Pro has been automatically set to use the initial 5 letters of the email in place of the users’ name.

    Earlier users had the option to avoid setting up an MS Account with their out-of-box capability. They could set up using any local account, giving Windows the option to name the user’s directory instead. They could then log in using an MS Account after they access the desktop.

    But this will not be possible in the future. It is only hoped that Microsoft Corp. alters the method the user directory is named in the setup for signing in through an MS Account.

    It has so far been quite easy to skirt the internet requirement on the Home version. But the normal workaround was to kill the ‘Network Connection Flow’ through the Task Manager. This option is no longer available in the Windows 11 Pro. Users will need to find an alternate way to bypass the internet constraint, though it is unlikely soon.

    Though Microsoft has not provided an exact timeframe for the change, it is likely to roll out with Windows 11’s shipping version at the end of this year.

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