8BitDo Pro 2 Is One Of The Best For Switch

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    The 8BitDo Pro 2 controller reportedly covers up all of the cons in the Pro Controller, the Nintendo official one for the Switch. The cons that are taken care of include the unreliability of the D-Pad as well as the lack of any special functionalities.

    The Pro 2, however, deals with them while having a lower cost.

    Overview Of The 8BitDo Pro 2

    The latest model is a new and refurbished variant of the well-regarded SN30Pro Plus. The controller works on Bluetooth and is also compatible with mobile devices and PCs. The device has a button for switching between the different types of connections: Mac, D-Input, X-Input, and the Switch.

    In appearance, it is a mixture of a PS controller and a pad for SNES. The 8BitDo Pro 2’s body is shaped like a lozenge and comes with two handles along with analog sticks that are symmetrically aligned. It comes in three color variants: a PS gray, completely black, and a Game Boy-inspired beige.

    The 8BitDo Pro 2 is not very big in size and sits quite comfortably in your hands. The controller’s D-Pad performs significantly better than the official one, as per reviews.

    The unique feature of the latest model, when compared to its predecessor, are the back buttons. The back buttons can be customized and they can be pressed using the middle finger. This is a common feature for controllers that are designed for gaming enthusiasts.

    The buttons enable commands to be entered without removing the thumbs from the sticks. The buttons are clicky and responsive and only a slight squeeze is enough to activate them. The Ultimate Software application from 8BitDo can be used to assign the controls. Other settings such as the strength of the vibration can also be adjusted through the app.

    However, there is no NFC reader and it cannot turn on the Switch, an otherwise common functionality. The controller comes with a comparatively cheaper price tag of $49.99.

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