AirTags By Apple Is Rumored To Surface

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    AirTags by Apple may end up being the new thing in 2021. These are said to be Apple’s devices for tracking important things like keys and mobile phones. The news for the rumors was followed by Samsung’s release of their SmartTags, which are also similar devices. The Bluetooth trackers by Samsung is said to hit the stores by the end of this month. 

    Apple was beaten by Samsung this time. And that is also to do with no announcement from Apple about the gadget during their 2020 event. But there are several reasons to believe the AirTags are already on their way! The tech giant has reached out to outside parties to test out the software, Find My. This was to find lost items. 

    Why AirTags May Come This Year?

    Apple hinted at the arrival of AirTags. @JPEGuin, a Twitter user, a developer of apps, posted screenshots of the display after typing out the scheme of URL. If you type this on your browser: findmy://items, you’ll find your “find me” application requesting permission to open. When the app opens, it will launch into a setup page, asking to “add items” with a map in the background. 

    John Prosser, a tech analyst, posted about it on Twitter last fall, in October. This was when Apple announced the list of items it will be rolling out in the coming year. It included iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, as well as Macs. But there was not much we saw about the AirTags. Prosser, in his tweet, noted that the release of the tracking device was delayed for 2021. 

    The codename of the AirTags is B389. The logo appears at the back of the device on polished metal. The front of it is white and clean. Prosser posted a 3D render on his post, saying that it was made to show the audience, though he had a video of them. 

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