Alfa Romeo’s New Electric Sedan Will Rival BMW And Mercedes

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    According to the CEO of the company, Jean-Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo is poised to outsell the BMW 5 Series with a sizable electric vehicle that will be on sale by 2027 and be totally electric as planned for the brand. Despite the profitability of the huge SUV market, the new flagship vehicle will have a more conventional appearance.

    Imparato said when asked by Automotive Daily if the company was planning to offer a bigger size as part of its potential all-electric lineup, “We [Alfa Romeo] have a mission to be a global luxury brand so I must be in the view of the luxury E category [large automobiles].”

    Alfa Romeo’s New Sedan Specs Revealed

    When asked if Alfa’s forthcoming electric executive vehicle would seem more like a classic saloon or a huge SUV, Imparato responded, “What about SUV? Sedan, what about it? What about a neutral statement? Given that we will be BEVs, aerodynamics will become a difficulty, and since sedans are in the DNA of Alfa Romeo and sport is the brand’s distinguishing feature, an SUV is definitely not the best option.

    Instead, I want to reimagine sportiness for the twenty-first century. With just over a year until its formal debut, the BMW i5 is almost here. It will be one of the few electric cars in its class when it does make its appearance. The “E category,” which includes vehicles like the Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class, and Cadillac CT5, is the name given to the premium sedan market where the 5 Series competes. The Mercedes EQE (electric E-Class) sedan and the Audi A6 e-Tron might still be around when the i5 makes its debut, but that is about it. Alfa Romeo may, however, give BMW some competition in a few years.

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