Apple Cars Would Pressurize Automakers To Up Their Game

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    Apple has been in the talks of creating an electric car under their brand. It is rumored that the tech-giant is finalizing its partnership with Hyundai Kia, the automakers from South Korea, for their first and new electric vehicle. But people have been raising the question, what does the entry of the tech-giant mean for several other automobile firms that are already in the game? 

    Tesla has had the label of the Automotive Industry’s Apple due to its innovations and the number of technologies it fits within its vehicles. But at this point, what if Apple joins the competition. Well, of course, no one knows. As secretive as the giant firm has always been, there is no announced plan for it yet. The business model for it is still under wraps. But we could look at the tech-giant’s entry in various electronic segments like watches, laptops, music, phones, streaming, among others. What have we learned so far? That a firm like this only puts out their best, that manages to pressure several other firms in a similar line. 

    Apple’s Entry In Automotors

    Gartner’s Vice President, as well as automotive analyst, Michael Ramsay, said that Apple coming into the industry of automotors would simply pressurize the other car firms. They will want to level-up their experience for their customers and be the best, he continued. He then further spoke about the vehicle, saying that the firm’s car could only have a specific vehicle for Apple, with its own “ecosystem.” Then, he ended the note by saying the only other firm that could do something like this is Google.

    Some have admitted that it means “well-funded” and “more competition.”  They also admitted that it might prove to be more complicated for the tech-giant since the industry is as such, and it wouldn’t be less complicated for Apple either.

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