According To Reports, OpenAI Is Developing An iPhone For AI— Or Whatever That Refers To

According to reports from The Information and Financial Times, Jony Ive, the former vice president of ID at Apple, is collaborating with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to create what has been dubbed the “iPhone of AI” This has been a real initiative, although it is in the planning phases. Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank, is said to have provided them with $1 billion in investment.

This initiative’s purported goal is to provide people with a more intuitive and natural approach to engaging with AI as compared to all that has been possible so far. It’s entirely OK to use ChatGPT on an iPhone or a laptop, but it wasn’t their intended use. 

OpenAI To Provide Wearable Screenless AI Device 

According to FT, which cited sources with knowledge of the situation, the ultimate goal is to “develop computer interfaces that don’t require displays as much.” If that sentence left you scratching your head, The Verge provided Humana’s wearable screenless AI device as an illustration of displayless technology.

Jony Ive departed Apple around 2019 after working there for close to 30 years. If you didn’t know, he had a key role in the designs of iDevices including the iMac, iPhone, iPad, and others. He has been working on various projects being conducted in several places for the past few years. After leaving the firm, he even created some watch faces for the Apple Watch. However, developing hardware with OpenAI would likely rank as his most impressive endeavor since departing the mothership.