Apple Is Reportedly Working On The M3 Chip

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    At the beginning of 2023, the world got to see the M2 chips from Apple with its Max and Pro variants. Reportedly, the technology giant is looking to bring out the next step in the M series – the M3 chip. As reported by Bloomberg on May 14th, it already exists, and is being tested.

    Expect Even More Power From The M3 Chip

    Multiple variants of the M3 chip have been reportedly spotted, according to data submitted by developers of the App Store. The basic variant reported consists of a dozen CPU cores. The M3 chip’s probable Pro variant may come with a similar core number, however, it can also include memory worth 36GB and graphic cores numbering 18.

    Apple is yet to respond to any official comment requests on the matter. The M chips by Apple were designed to be the heart of iPads, Macs, and Macbooks in 2020 as the tech giant finally moved away from using processors by Intel. The latest chips boast better performance as well as battery life for the device simultaneously.

    In all possibilities, the first M3 chip-equipped Macs may be launched as soon as the end of 2023, or at the start of 2024 latest as per Bloomberg’s reports. Apple is apparently already working on MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, as well as iMacs with the M3 chip at their cores.

    In the approaching month, Apple will be showcasing new technology at their annual event for developers called the WWDC 2023. However, the M3 is unlikely to make an appearance during this event. As for what can be expected, they are iOS updates as well as updates for other Apple software. The exhibition can also include the AR/VR headset that the company is rumored to have been working on for an extremely long time.

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