Google I/O Is Definitely Allowing The Parent Company To Get Its Mojo Back

It does seem like the last few months have been pretty rough, but with multiple new gadgets and AI tools at the Google I/O, the company has recently shown that its mojo is well and truly back. The search giant has already been on a major defense despite being able to get credit for developing the technology that powers the entirety of artificial intelligence.

Indeed, it was ChatGPT- by OpenAI, and its chatbot alternate from Bing that revealed that AI has become quite creative and useful enough that it could start threatening white-collar jobs. The low point in the company came with a memo that was leaked purportedly by an employee who claimed that Google wouldn’t be able to compete in the AI arms race and that the Google AI was not really a moat. For those wondering, this is a term used in Silicon Valley for an advantage like skills or patents that protect a business from competitors. 

Google I/O Is A Lot Different From What The Employees Would Have You Believe

But as it turns out, it does look like Google wasn’t really just sitting around watching the AI startups poach all of the researchers. Rather, we saw at Google I/O that the product teams of the company have been repeatedly digging into AI. The executives mentioned the term AI 143 times during their I/O keynote simply because they had multiple examples of how the parent company was using AI in multiple products like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Cloud, and Google Docs. 

Google I/O has already offered a host of compelling new Pixel products– the Pixel 7A, which was a budget smartphone, the Pixel Fold, at a price of $1799, and a folding smartphone with screens on both the exterior and interior.