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Apple’s New MacOS Will Make USB-C Connections Safer

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In the recent WWDC 2022, Apple introduced the next macOS Ventura.

It has a lot of cool features, but one that got a little lost in the shuffle is Apple’s improvement to the safety of USB-C and Thunderbolt connectors.

USB-C and Thunderbolt devices will require user authorization before they can connect with Macs that run on Apple hardware and have MacOS Ventura installed. The beta documents for MacOS 13 Ventura did not make much of a fuss about this change. The new feature is dubbed “accessory security” by Apple, and the phrase seems appropriate considering that it prevents unauthorized gadgets from accessing the Mac without specific user approval.

Apple’s macOS Ventura Makes USB-C Very Safe

Only portable Macs using Apple silicon will be affected by the move for the time being. When you put in a USB or Thunderbolt device for the first time after installing macOS Ventura, you will be prompted to let it communicate. There are a few exceptions to this rule: Power adapters, stand-alone displays, and previously approved devices will not require any additional confirmation to work properly.

Even though the devices will continue to charge even if permission is not granted, data transfer and other similar activities will be prohibited unless the user agrees. Once a device has been approved as safe, it can link to a closed Mac for up to three days before needing to be authorized again. Apple seeks to make this a new norm — “Ask for new accessories” will always be the default security option.

If you connect an accessory before or during the upgrade to macOS Ventura, it will continue to function normally. The accessories, on the other hand, will not be recalled until you link them to an open, up-to-date Mac and provide them full access.