Apple’s Privacy Changes Can Affect Business, Says Snapchat

Apple’s new privacy policies to be updated has created an upheaval in the social networking community. Firms have provided concerns over how these newer policies and terms threaten smaller businesses around the world that rely on social media for marketing may be widely affected. Several of these firms also straight-up depend on other firms that use their platforms for advertisements, in terms of generating revenue. Snapchat is one such company that has been affected and voiced support against it. 

Snapchat came out against the latest privacy updates by Apple’s iOS that will be up soon. The application of disappearing messages also mentioned further how several advertisements paused their campaigns with them following the controversy and havoc of the Capitol Riots. Apple said that the changes in these policies are being made to give its user more control over their personal information. Facebook criticized the move, calling it aimed towards profit, rather than their policies. 

Snapchat Reacts To Apple’s Policy

The Chief Finance Officer of Snapchat, Derek Anderson, called the upcoming changes of Apple another risk interrupting the demand. But he also noted that the lasting effects of it may still remain unclear. The Chief Executive Officer of the messaging application, Evan Spiegel spoke in support of the company’s decisions. He called their decision “right” and “for their customers.” 

He said that they were happy with it, and thought of Apple, as a team, folks of “high integrity.” the new privacy settings will ask the users of the tech-giant to opt for applications that collect their data from other firms’ applications as well as websites. Facebook has shown concerns for the future since the announcements, saying that, from this move, it is only Apple that will earn profits, through in-app purchases as the only option then left for the users.