Apple’s First VR Expected To Be Launched In 2022

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    Apple is getting ready for its latest gadget, a Virtual Reality headset that might be launched in 2022. The modern design of Apple’s VR will have a fabric exterior design and also include a fan. Like Oculus Quest 2, the VR will run on batteries. 

    Apple VR To Be Light Weight With Advanced Technology

    The device undoubtedly has advanced technology and high potential chips. Apple has planned a stylish fabric design for the gadget to decrease its weight. The chips used for the VR will potentially beat the M1 Mac processor. The unique lightweight design of the VR will also include a fan. The VR headset will be quite expensive, but the company has not revealed the exact price

    Apple stated that the most significant challenge while developing the gadget was to manage its weight and size. The company interestingly emphasized including a fan in the VR headset and the fabric design is used to make it light in weight. According to Bloomberg News, the size of this new VR headset will be the same as Oculus Quest headsets. It will also include some external cameras to add features of Augmented Reality or AR. it will have advanced technology to use external cameras to identify hand movements. The VR will also have features like a virtual keyboard.

    It is reported that the gadget might get launched in 2022. The VR is said to be pricey and sold as a niche product. According to a source, Apple may start selling the device in a very low quantity. Reportedly, Apple is planning to sell less than 200,000 units of the product per year. Only one VR headset may be sold at each of the retail shops.

    Though the company has not disclosed any information about its exact price yet, gadget lovers are most excited about the long-awaited VR headset.

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