Apple’s Long And Bumpy Road To Its Cars

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    Apple is known for its high secrecy. But its plans, even though a little hazy, have been in sight for years now. With not enough fruition. There have been several headlines related to it in the past few months as well. Several warnings to other auto-industry firms, many car patents on the news. But most recently, the billion dollars worth of partnership for its electric cars with Kia as well as Hyundai. Not to forget mysterious cars hovering around its base in California. 

    But where does all this lead us? Just as things seemed to be set in gear, the operation was suddenly paused. This was following Hyundai’s announcement of the dealership, which was premature. Apple halted the news. We are all aware of a rumor when it comes to working with Apple. To work with the tech-giant, one has to not talk about working with the tech-giant. Simple as that. And Hyundai may have gone the wrong way with it. Both the auto-industry firms released a statement this week saying they were not working with Apple for any car. 

    Apple Car Is Arriving, Although It Isn’t Here

    Trucks VC’s general partner, Reilly Brennan, spoke about Apple’s car. He said that a couple of years ago, an article noted that the project was ready. He said he laughed it off because he knew some people working in the firm’s atmosphere. And on the project. He further called the project a pot kept boiling at the very lowest flame for a long while. He also said there might be an announcement soon. But it has been nothing new for several years now. 

    Auto development, as many from the industry know and have speculated, is a complex thing. It took years for even Tesla, Elon Musk’s firm (the world’s latest richest man), to earn profits due to software systems combining with automobiles. And several have been questioning Apple’s break into the industry for a while now.

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