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Are Facebook Podcasts The Next New Big Thing?

While the announcements will be pouring in on Monday, some products like Facebook podcasts won’t be showing up anytime soon. Facebook wants us to start listening and talking on Facebook. On Monday, under the huge umbrella term called “social audio,” Facebook is looking to make announcements regarding a number of their products including Facebook Podcasts.

However, these products won’t be hitting the market anytime soon. The event involves some talking points by Facebook on the social network called Clubhouse which is audio-only. Clubhouse grew at a fast pace last year. With the help of Spotify, Facebook is looking to venture into podcast distribution and discovery.

Details About Facebook Podcasts And Its Audio Plans

Facebook launched its videoconferencing product when people started adopting Zoom massively during the pandemic. It now wants to create a version of Rooms which will be audio-only.A product like a Clubhouse which will let people in groups interact and listen to virtually with speakers.

Another product will let the social media network users record voice messages which they will be able to post in the respective news feeds. One can only post videos, pictures, and text on their newsfeeds currently.

A product that will be podcast discovery-oriented will be interconnected with Spotify. Spotify has recently invested in podcasting heavily over the past 2 years. However, it remains unclear whether Facebook podcasts will simply be flagged podcasts for the users which will be sent to Spotify.

Facebook and Spotify first became partners over ten years ago. It was at the time when Facebook pushed their idea called frictionless sharing. It was a very popular idea at the start. But we all saw how fast the whole thing got fizzled out!