Bang And Olufsen Headset For the Xbox Is Wireless And Comes With Dolby Atmos

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    The Bang And Olufsen Headset was last heard of in the previous summer. It is a collaboration with Xbox that will mark B&O’s debut in gaming audio. Fans of Scandi, the luxury brand, were quite excited at the announcement. However, little had been said about the partnership ever since. That is, until now.

    On 30th March, the Beoplay Portal headset for gaming from B&O was launched digitally on the company’s website. The launch was unforeseen by almost everyone. Currently, it is available for offline purchases at retail outlets like Microsoft Stores and Best Buys.

    Specifications Of The Bang And Olufsen Headset

    As per expectations, the price tag is pretty high for the Bang and Olufsen Headset. It costs $499, which is the same amount one would have to pay for a new Xbox Series X console. The headset is designed especially keeping this console in mind. It comes with a button that lets one pair and connects with the Xbox Wireless adapter, Xbox One, Series S, and the Series X.

    For the hefty price tag, customers will also be getting ANC noise cancellation, an audio mode exclusively for gaming, and Dolby Atmos supported spatial audio. The same features are also available for far less ($100) in the recently launched Xbox Wireless Headset.

    However, B&O’s Beoplay Portal has the appearance of premium headphones. They have earcups made of aluminum and the ear cushions are large and made of memory foam that has been wrapped in lambskin. It is intended to compete with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and is solely geared towards gamers that spare no expense.

    The B&O Headset comes with the company’s default app that allows the user to adjust any audio settings. It also features a new boom arm that is virtual in place of the boom mic to make for, as the company claims, conversations of extreme clarity.

    The device can reportedly work continuously for 12 hours when connected over the Xbox Wireless system and Bluetooth. The Bang and Olufsen headset only come in black for now, with navy and gray coming soon on 29th April.

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