Black Shark 4 Is Set To Revolutionise The Gaming Phone Industry

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    Xiaomi has revealed the latest addition to their Black Shark line of phones. The phones are specialized for gaming. Black Shark 4 and Pro are the newest additions.

    The phones have the usual improvements from their predecessors. The Pro has a Snapdragon 888 as its processor, while the standard one is powered by a Snapdragon 870. Both phones feature LPDDR5 RAM along with the storage type UFS 3.1. However, the two models will have different configurations of the technologies.

    Further Specification Of Black Shark 4 Series

    Black Shark 4 comes with 6GB RAM along with a storage capacity of 128GB. It is priced around $383. The Pro costs almost double at $613 but is equipped with 8GB RAM and a storage capacity of 256GB. For now, the models will only release for China on 26th March. Xiaomi says an international launch may happen soon.

    The series has, in typical gaming phone industry fashion, has far outshone RedMagic and Asus in how many touches its display can handle in a second. Both the models reportedly feature a rate of 720 Hz for touch sampling and a touch delay of 8.3ms. Xiaomi claims these are the best available in the industry.

    Both the phones also feature trademark buttons on the shoulder. However, the company stated they have received an enhancement in their design and usability. They also feature a display that is sensitive to pressure. The phones have an equal OLED screen size: 6.67 inches, and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

    Similar to the ASUS model in the same range, they also feature two speakers that are front-facing. An additional fan will also be available for purchase for around 30$. FunCooler 2 Pro is the name of the accessory.

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