Cat S62 Pro Is Caterpillar’s Latest Rugged Phone For The US

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    The Cat S62 Pro has a lower price tag than the previous model. It also comes with a better ability for thermal imaging. The Cat stands for Caterpillar, a company that specializes in construction equipment. The phone has been recently made available for the United States.

    Specifications Of Cat S62 Pro

    The Cat S62 Pro is the most recent device to be branded Cat. Technically, the license of the product belongs to the Bullitt Group. The device is exclusively geared towards industrial and construction workers. As such, it has an enhanced version of the previous version’s integrated thermal camera. The S61 of 2018 had a price tag of $899 while this costs $699.

    The device had debuted in the UK in the summer of 2020. The device has decent enough specifications for being a rugged phone. It comes with a display that measures 5.7 inches and supports 1080p. The Snapdragon 660 powers the Cat S62 Pro. It also has 6GB RAM and internal storage of 128GB. The battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh.

    However, unlike normal smartphones, the Cat S62 Pro does not feature 5G connectivity. It has Android 10 pre-installed but the company the update to Android 11 will be rolled out. Compared to the previous version, it has a lower price but it has left out the distance measurement and air quality sensors as well as having slightly less battery capacity.

    The unique feature of the phone is the integrated FLIR camera for thermal imaging. It now has four times more thermal pixels than the one on the previous model. It features brand new modes that enables adjusting and blending overlaid information from the usual 12 MP camera to provide more context for the thermal picture.

    The phone has a rating of IP68 as well as IP69. Caterpillar claims the Cat S62 Pro can withstand much more but it provides a warranty only till these two levels of conditions.

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