ChatGPT Traffic Increases With Students Going Back To School

The school season has resumed. It seems that, with that, the students are back to taking the help of ChatGPT when it comes to finishing their homework. However, there is no proof of this. It is merely one of the most popular theories out there for the slight increase in traffic that the AI chatbot has seen over the past few weeks.

ChatGPT’s Usefulness Is Unmatched

Similarweb, an analytics and digital data company, was the one to report the slight increase in traffic as well as the one to put forward the student theory. In the report, ChatGPT has seen visits an increase of 0.4% over the last month. However, that is only true for the United States. When it comes to worldwide traffic, it actually decreased by about 3%.

As per the suggestion of Similarweb, ChatGPT may be finally reaching a stable level. The website and AI tool have seen its traffic drop for three months consecutively, both over the world as well as within the US. The possible plateauing accompanied by the slight uptick in traffic for the AI tool because of schools resuming has sense behind it. After all, it is perfectly in line with the demographics of the ages of students who use the bot.

David F. Carr, one of the speakers in Similarweb’s report, said that the ChatGPT traffic saw a decrease of 10% in May, another 15% in June, and finally 4% in July, only in the United States. The report used students who are eligible for college age-wise as the proxy for students overall. He also reported that during those months, users who are between the ages of 18 and 24 decreased to a level below 27% in July. In April, their number was close to reaching 30%.