With Free Audio For Paying Subscribers, Spotify Will Try To Dethrone Audible

Spotify is intending to launch a free audiobook bundle for paying subscribers shortly in its most recent effort to establish itself as the single audio streaming provider you need. The WSJ reports that Spotify is collaborating on the next pilot program with a couple of the most prestigious US publications. According to insiders, those chosen to examine the new features would be allowed to hear podcasts and audiobooks for above twenty hours without having to pay any further fees.

The exam will probably only be available to nations that speak English primarily including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, according to the article. Additionally, there will allegedly be a huge selection of audiobooks accessible, but the specific selection is being determined.

Spotify Giving Twenty Hours Of Free Streaming Of Audiobooks And Podcasts?

The recent price increase might hurt less if the examination turns out to be a success and Spotify offers free access to Premium subscribers. For the first time since the streaming service’s inception in the US, Spotify increased the costs of all of its plans in July. The monthly price of Premium escalated to $10.99 from $9.89, that of Premium Duo to $13.99 from $12.99, that of Premium Family to $16.99 from $15.99, and that of Premium Student to $5.99 from $4.99. It’s not a bad deal to spend an extra dollar or something to get twenty hours of streaming audiobooks for free.

Last year, the company started offering audiobooks. Over 350K titles are now accessible on the work, but you can only buy them online. Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, cites Apple’s App Store guidelines because it keeps 30% of every iOS app transaction. As a product, before the audiobooks in the application can be heard, you must first purchase them through a browser. The free podcast and audiobook package would also be a helpful marketing tool for Spotify’s audiobook business.