Chrome 90 To Get New Feature To Share Links To Highlighted Text

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    Google has begun rolling out the latest feature for its browser, Chrome 90. It will let users generate links that will take people directly to a previously highlighted part of the page.

    The New Chrome 90 Is Designed To Help

    The technology giant had originally released the capability in the form of an extension in 2020. With the recent update, it is an official part of the Chrome web browser. As such, there is no further need to install any extra software to experience the feature.

    The feature works in a simple but intuitive way. Suppose a user would want to direct his audience to a specific section of a Wikipedia page, about penguins, that has a passage in how the birds do not have fear for humans. Then, all they would need to presently do is select that passage, press the right mouse button, and choose: “Copy link to highlight.” Then users can send the URL, which has a # as the last character, to whoever they want. On clicking that URL, the page will load and take the user to the highlighted section of the article and not the start of Wikipedia’s article.

    The latest feature for Chrome 90 is going to be extra useful for colleagues and students who are collaborating or just about anyone who likes to share random information with their friends. The feature has already begun to arrive on desktops and Android devices. However, getting access might require a bit more time. The complete rollout has not been completed yet and it is yet to be seen even after the Chrome 90 upgrade. For iOS, the company says that the feature is going to arrive soon.

    A new viewer for PDFs has also been launched for Chrome 90. This one brings the two-page viewing option as well as a functional new toolbar.   

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