Clubhouse Leak Has Reportedly Affected Over A Million Users

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    Data leaks on a large scale have become increasingly common for upcoming and growing social networks. As such, the recent clubhouse leak is the most recent one on the list.

    Details Of The Clubhouse Leak

    Cyber News released a report on the weekend concerning the Clubhouse leak. It stated that about 1.3 million accounts had their personal data scraped from Clubhouse and resurface on a forum for hackers. The information included sensitive personal data like names, usernames of linked accounts as well as usernames of who sent out the invite. Clubhouse is till now exclusively accessible through invites.

    The platform is yet to respond officially to the claims. The official Twitter account of the app, however, tweeted a statement regarding the Clubhouse leak. It read that the claims are false and misleading, and the security of the app remains intact. The data in question is reportedly public information anyway and was always easily accessible to the public.

    Technically, the statement is true. However, the fact remains that the information is not available in an organized and searchable database that it was not earlier. It also raises the question as to why such information is available in the app’s API. Information such as that listed is considerably sensitive enough to receive some sort of digital security.

    As such, the statement also does not foreclose that a more dangerous and disastrous Clubhouse leak can happen in the future. Of course, it has not been on the same level as that of Cambridge Analytica but there have already been quite a few questions raised regarding Clubhouse’s data security handling. It is even more potent since giant social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook have also fallen prey to such leaks and attacks. 

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