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Disney+, ESPN+, And Hulu Will Also Impose Strict Measures On Password Sharing

Disney+ firmly enforces its ban on password sharing, extending it to Hulu and ESPN+, the former of which is about to merge with Disney. On Wednesday, Hulu users were notified via email of the impending restriction. The firm stated they would ” impose restrictions on account sharing with anyone outside of their home.”

Hulu revised its ToS this week to reflect its new strategy: “You are not allowed to share your membership with anybody outside of their home, unless your Service Tier specifically permits it,” according to the Terms of Service, which defines a family as “the assortment of electronic equipment connected to your principal abode and utilized by the occupants.” 

The Modifications Regarding Password Sharing Are Scheduled To Go Into Effect On 14th March

Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu user agreements all expressly forbid using another person’s account or logging in to impersonate them. Last modified on 25th January, the contract states: “You consent to refrain from using someone else’s identity, likeness, password, username, or additional account information in an impersonation or to falsely represent your association with any organization or individual. You also agree not to submit incorrect information to a guardian or parent.” It is not clear when the clause about sharing passwords was introduced to ESPN+ and Disney+ contracts, as the media notes.

Disney started limiting password sharing around December last year and restricted its members who were located in Canada. In August 2023, Bob Iger, Disney CEO made public his plans to discontinue password sharing, most likely in imitation of Netflix. Regarding password sharing, Iger stated, “We have undoubtedly made this a top priority,” amid Disney’s third-quarter fiscal earnings conference. “We believe that this presents a chance for us to expand our company.”