S24 Ultra

Hands-On With The S24 Plus: Samsung’s S24 Ultra May Not Be The Best Option

You might have forgotten that Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus phones at its Unpacked presentation earlier this month when it unveiled the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Ultra and the Galaxy Ring garnered more attention than the other two. Unfortunately, after using the S24 and S24 Plus for the last two days, I’m beginning to believe that the Ultra might not be the greatest Samsung phone to purchase in 2024. Testing the Galaxy S24 Plus has taken up most of my time, which has been a complete pleasure.

If the S24 Plus were a diagram, it would essentially represent the overlap of the Venn diagram between the S24 Ultra and the standard S24. However, this year’s S24 Plus leans slightly closer to the Ultra, while the Ultra is slightly more costly as a result of a $100 price rise. As I learned more about the S24 Plus, all of it started to seem like a puzzle to me. Is the Galaxy S24 Plus, which retails for $1,000 (£999, AU$1,699), a subpar Ultra?

The S24 Ultra Has A Small And Exclusive Exception

The Galaxy S24 Plus is essentially an enlarged version of the standard S24 with an aluminum body, squared-off edges, and rounded corners reminiscent of an iPhone, but it also has a new screen with the same clarity as the S24 Ultra. 

In actuality, the S24 Plus boasts a better pixel density because of its smaller 6.7-inch display as opposed to the 6.8-inch one on the Ultra. I realize most people can’t perceive the change, but it’s only eight pixels. Although I am blind to it, I have a gut feeling that it is more, and that is significant. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, RAM, screen brightness and resolution, Galaxy AI capabilities, and storage choices are all the same for the Plus and Ultra (except for 1TB, which is exclusive to the Ultra).