docs outage

Docs Outage Was Partial And Temporary, Google Speeds Up Recovery

On Monday, several services from Google experienced an outage. The Docs outage was also experienced on Sheets. The outage kept users of the two services from creating new documents.

What Happened In The Docs Outage

Google’s Dashboard for Workspace Status reported that the Docs outage extended to Classroom, Slides, Sheets, and Drive simultaneously. Google stated that the outage was restored for a few users by 11.26 AM ET. They added that all users are expected to have the services fixed soon. By 12PM ET, however, most sites reported that the docs outage has been fixed.

A spokesperson from Google made an official statement on the matter. It stated that the docs outage was resolved by 9.20 Pacific Time on 12th April. It added that extensive details will be present in the Dashboard for Workspace Status.

While the docs outage was taking place, creating a blank document in Docs gave the users an error message. It read that an error had been encountered by Google Docs. Users were suggested to reload the page or try again after some time.

Google acknowledged the issue in its support message that was posted on 9.36 AM ET. The message read that the users who were affected can access Drive. However, they are experiencing unexpected behavior, error messages, and high latency. An update was added saying that affected users were also unable to make any new documents.

Spikes were shown by Downdetector when it came to issues experienced in Classroom, Drive, as well as Google itself. However, there are not many reports on whether the main site of Google experienced adverse issues. The outage was also not limited to any specific region as Twitter users posted about the outage from several countries. Outages are never welcome and they are especially not at a time when the world is being primarily lived from the home.