Dota Dragon’s Blood Brings The Popular Game To The TV Screens

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    Defense of The Ancients 2 is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games in recent years. The game, like similar titles, has deep lore that its players are rather invested in. As such, the recent Netflix adaptation Dota Dragon’s Blood is an innovative attempt to connect the lore into a coherent narrative.

    The lore is usually supplied through short pieces of information that occasionally appear for the players to help get invested in the world. However, Valve studios have partnered up with Netflix in an attempt to flesh out the fictional universe into a complete anime.

    Dota Dragon’s Blood has eight episodes of fantasy goodness that are certain to be a delight for viewers who are unfamiliar with the lore as well. However, critics who are also players have pointed out that the series does not include what makes the universe of the game so enjoyable.

    The Story Of Dota Dragon’s Blood

    The anime features several characters. The first character is Davion, the dragon knight. The usually heroic character, unfortunately, gets possessed by a demon which sometimes transforms him into a carnivorous dragon himself. Later, he finds a companion in Mirana whose steed is a giant cat. The episodes are filled with all the stereotypical fantasy elements that one might expect.

    The story is filled with action and narratives. However, the narratives are never in focus for too long. Moreover, the fast pace of the anime can prove to be rather confusing reportedly. However, the series does not skimp out on action sequences. Studio Mir, the studio that made The Legend Of Korra, was the one in charge of the animation.

    Dota Dragon’s Blood fails to point out the distinctive feature of the Dota lore. Reportedly, a casual viewer would not be able to find a connection between the game and the animated series. Critics have given a mixed review, with them praising it as a fantasy anime but pointing out the failure to draw attention to the original game.

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