10 NAUGHTY Easter Eggs We CAN’T UNSEE

    Plenty of video games have Easter eggs, secrets, and references...but only few take the R-Rated approach.

    10 HARDEST Skyrim Quests We All HATED

    We STILL love playing Skyrim but there are some broken, awkward, and challenging quests that we absolutely hate throughout the adventure.

    10 Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6

    Games like GTA have been all the rage for years now, but with the inevitable release of GTA 6, you might be clamoring to...

    Epic To Have Windows Apps On Its Games Store

    Epic is going to add five new apps for PC on its Game Store on 22nd April. This is the latest attempt to show...

    Warzone Sees Massive Nuclear Blast Destroy Verdansk In Latest Event

    The Verdansk Map of CoD: Warzone has ceased to exist in the game, currently. The destruction happened in the finale event of season 2...

    Among Us Brings A New Map And New Customizations In Latest Update

    Fans of Among Us have a cause for celebration. The extremely popular multiplayer game for mobile is set to have a brand new map...

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