Elon Musk Dishes About Mars, His Twitter, and Neuralink

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    The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, reached out on a surprise arrival on a show called Good Time Show by the Clubhouse application. On the show, he openly spoke about his theories on Mars- the red planet. He also spoke about other things like the memes he shares on his Twitter account and when mankind may be able to see the red planet finally. He further also talked about his theories about how human beings can become a species of multi-planets. 

    Clubhouse is an audio-exclusive application that allows its users to make rooms for open conversations. The app hasn’t fared as well as it expected to. Especially last night, when it was overwhelmed by the number of Elon Musk’s fans to hear him speak, in a fantastic surprise. Over 5k listeners got a chance to listen to him talk about Monkeys as well as Mars, his favorite topic to ever speak about. The hosts of the show were Aarthi Ramamurthy and Sriram Krishnan on the app. 

    Elon Musk On Mars And Monkeys

    At the beginning of the show, Elon Musk told the show’s hosts that he is planning on letting human beings see the red planet in about five years and about 6 months. This is his timeline for getting our species on the neighboring planet. Some people were quite shocked. The richest man in the world has been incredibly ambitious with several projects in the past too. It may have to do with his companies SpaceX or Tesla. But this is something bigger than any other ambitions he has had before. But the deadline is not hard yet. 

    Elon Musk also further said that his firm for brain implants is called Neuralink. He said that there is a monkey they have that can play games using its mind, as it only has wireless implants in its skull. He also added that there is no evidence for this. He further joked, asking if he could have those monkeys play Pong with their minds. 

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