Facebook Hotline Is Being Set Up To Be The Latest Rival To Clubhouse

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    NPE Team, Facebook’s division focused on developing experimental apps, has launched a new platform called Facebook Hotline. It is a Q&A platform and has borrowed concepts from Clubhouse, the audio-exclusive social network that is all the buzz currently. Facebook’s version also has hints of live-streaming in it.

    What We Know Of Facebook Hotline So Far

    Nick Huber, an investor in Facebook Hotline, was featured in the first Q&A on 7th April. The service currently has its exclusive website up and running. Interested users can log in using their Twitter credentials.

    The website, however, only has a waitlist along with a tool that will let one apply for hosting their personal show. Reports have claimed that Facebook has developed designs for phone versions of Facebook Hotline. However, these do not seem live or accessible for now.

    News that Facebook was working on Clubhouse rival was first heard in February. However, Facebook Hotline is being claimed as an altogether different platform than the potential Clubhouse competitor. The team that worked on Messenger Rooms is reportedly working on the actual rival.

    Meanwhile, Twitter has been testing Spaces, its alternative, openly. The event has put Clubhouse under more pressure as rumors regarding a $4B valuation have surfaced.

    Facebook Hotline is different from Spaces and Clubhouse in that it lets hosts use video and schedule presentations of a more formal nature. All these have built-in Q&A functionality. Hosts on the platform can also record the sessions in both video and audio formats, reportedly.

    The integral Q&A part of Facebook Hotline sees the hosts showing questions from the audience asked through text. The audience can upvote their most preferred question from the list afterward. Emoji reactions are also available while there is an ongoing conversation.

    Erik Hazzard, the founder of the acquired tbh app, is leading the app. The platform also allows the host to bring audience members onto the stage to voice their questions in person.

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