Facebook Reminds Users The Benefits Of Data Collection

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    On Monday, Facebook said that it would test an alert in a popup, especially for Apple device users. The pop-up advertisement is to show their users on these devices why it is so crucial for them to share personal data and why the corporate giant does it. This announcement follows Apple’s announcement of the policy change that may upend the massive social media firm’s business. Apple will ask its users to permit the device for some applications to track them on the world wide web. This move did not sit well with Facebook, as it relies on the collection of data for targeting ads. 

    What Facebook will do is just popup an advertisement of their own, with Apple’s to emphasize the importance of personalized advertisements. These ads help keep such applications free in the market as well as provide a hand to small businesses. This was announced in an old blog post. The title was “Speaking Up For Small Businesses.” But they will still roll out with it to ensure a certain stability for businesses and the users of their services. Apple’s tracking services, if ignored or rejected, could raise the stakes for FB as the latter entirely relies on these personal data for advertisements. And these advertisements are the only source of income for the mega-giant. 

    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Reaction

    Back in December, Facebook feuded with Apple over its privacy changes. It mentioned how several small businesses function by advertising on their platform. Due to this new change, it would be “devastating” for all such firms and people who rely on the social media app for running their functions. The social giant also released a new hashtag to have a conversation about it. 

    Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder/Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, said that Apple did have the right to “interfere” with all these apps on its store, as per its “preference.” But smaller businesses will not reach their “target audience.” 

    Both the firms haven’t commented yet. 

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