Galaxy S22 Ultra Review- Low-light Camera Has Been Quite Impressive

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    While the Galaxy Note may be done and dusted, fans of Samsung need not worry- as the Galaxy S22 Ultra is here to say. The giant-screened phone, which starts at a price of $1,200, and goes on sale on the 25th of February, is the sequel to Note that we expected the previous year but never received.

    One of the advantages of this phone would be it inherits the most distinct qualities of the Galaxy Note, such as an S Pen that one could store inside the phone. Also, it has some of the characteristics that the Ultra and the Note shared previously- like a sophisticated camera and a giant touchscreen.

    The New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Better, Bigger, Faster 

    These changes simply attest to the fact that the company has done a good job separating the S22 Ultra from the S22 and the S22 Plus. It is also pretty clear that Samsung has managed to learn a couple of things.

    First, larger screens and better cameras aren’t always enough to convince consumers that spending $1,200 on a phone would be a good decision. Now, Samsung has been adding the S Pen as an additional draw. And second, the audience for such phones might not be widespread enough to justify offering up both a Galaxy Note option, along with a Galaxy S Ultra option. 

    While the Galaxy S22 Ultra is still being tested, the upgraded low-light cameras along with the Note-like aesthetic do seem like a major improvement. It is also important to note that the night photography improvements apply to the cheaper Galaxy S22 phones as well. This entails that this model will have a lot to offer due to the high price it warrants. 

    In conclusion, one could definitely state that the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks a lot like the Galaxy Note, and people wouldn’t notice. But, it isn’t a bad thing necessarily- as the improvements made have been quite massive.

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