Genesis Electrified G80 Is Not As Exciting As Its Concepts

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    The Genesis Electrified G80 is the first electric vehicle from Hyundai’s luxury arm, Genesis. Basically, it is an electric version of the normal G80 sedan. Genesis claims that the car can travel approximately 427 km, fully charged.

    The Genesis Electrified G80 Is Underwhelming

    Genesis has shown off various exciting concepts when it comes to electric vehicles over the past few years. However, the Genesis Electrified G80 is comparatively a very basic idea. Apparently, not a single element of the daring styles and progressive ideas are appearing in the first real model. The car does not break any molds either such as the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai or the EV6 from Kia.

    Genesis is obviously trying to cater to customers a product that feels and looks familiar in the Genesis Electrified G80. The car, however, does incorporate some elements of the e-GMP. It is the high voltage technology that enables fast and two-way recharging. It means the car can also power other electric appliances.

    However, Genesis has not specified all the specifications of the G80’s electric chassis. The company intends to have its upcoming electric SUVs include the complete e-GMP platform.

    For now, the electric sedan is only available in China. However, the company has plans to sell it in North America soon. It will have drive-power across all its wheels and takes less than 5 seconds to reach 60 mph from rest. The car also has various luxury features such as an adaptive suspension aided by a camera. No other details were shared by Genesis yet.

    This basic conversion of a car powered by internal combustion into one powered by electricity is usually a cost-effective method for the company. However, it leads to significant compromises in other departments. For now, Genesis will be looking to realize the full extent of their concepts in future models.

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