Google Chrome Bug Issues Resolved With New Update

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    The worst kind of Google Chrome bug has been identified: It is not just risky; hackers are actively using it as a weakness.

    The update will upgrade your Chrome to edition 104.0.5112.101 on Mac and Linux and edition 104.0.5112.102/101 on Windows. Google published a fix earlier this week. If it has not already been installed on Google Chrome, you can (and therefore should) start the update right away by visiting the “About” menu in Chrome.

    Update Google Chrome To Fix Bug

    Since the firm normally withholds problem specifics until the majority of users have updated their software, not much was disclosed by the corporation regarding the most important issue, which is one of 11 security updates included with this version. The most recent version of Google Chrome has been released, and it now has a four-part version number of 104.0.5112.101 (for Mac and Linux) or 104.0.5112.102. (Windows).

    The updated version, according to Google, has 11 security updates, one of which is marked as a zero-day flaw since “an attack [for this vulnerability] exists in the wild.”

    The term “zero-day” serves as a reminder that even the most knowledgeable and proactive user or system administrator could not have patched a system before the Bad Guys. The frightening thing, though, is that Google claims to be “aware that an attack for CVE-2022-2856 available in the wild.” You should upgrade your Chrome as soon as you can because this indicates that malicious hackers are making use of the problem. No further information is provided about the zero-day bug CVE-2022-2856 than what is already shown above: “Intents’ insufficient validation of untrusted input.”

    An external app is launched to process data that is passed into it by a Chrome Intent, a mechanism for launching apps straight from a web page.

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