Google Contacts Has A New UI

Google Contacts for Android is the most recent Google app to receive a facelift for tablets, as we had anticipated.

Google Contacts shifts to a navigational rail from a bottom bar that was too large and unattractive on landscape devices. Create FAB is at the top, followed by Contacts, Highlights, and Repair & Manage. To enable more natural hand positioning, these tabs are not vertically centered.

The friends list is on the left and the details are on the right on the app’s main screen, which uses a dual-column user interface. The top search bar on this page is not fully visible.

Google Contacts Will Rearrange Certain Options

Highlights only use a single, central column, leaving a lot of room to the left and right, along with a large search bar. Repair & management fits under the same category. With version 4.3, the Google Contacts makeover is now available. Recent changes to the service include a new Wear OS 3 app and the Favorite Contacts Tile, which were introduced last year.

The mobile app added a Highlights category and is creating some new, attractive home screen widgets. The rearranged bottom bar icons are oriented vertically on the left-side rail in the following order: the floating action bar for adding a new contact; the Contacts tab; the freshly updated Highlights page; and finally, Repair & manage. A list of the individuals you know appears when you tap the contacts button in the center of the screen.

In the Contacts pane, the top search bar is only half as wide; yet, inside Highlights, it extends to its full width. It is unclear whether this behavior is intentional or just a bug that might be addressed in a future release. While the latter leaves plenty of space on each side, the information on the Highlights and Repair & control pages are placed in the screen’s middle.