Android 14

Android 14: Everything That We Know

Google did not give a lot of attention to the Android 14 OS for phones during the I/O 2023 keynote.

The company’s executives discussed AI nonstop. The Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7a hardware debuts by Google were among the major highlights. Although Android 14 did not steal the show in and of itself, Google did have several significant announcements regarding the Android ecosystem.  Google claimed that as it makes investments in quality and bettering app experiences, large-screen Android-based gadgets are growing better. Over fifty apps developed by Google, including Gmail, Photos, and Meet, were recently optimized for large screens. 

Google Did Not Talk Much About Android 14

On bigger displays, simple apps like Spotify, Minecraft, and Disney+ also work well. The most popular smartTV platform globally is Android TV OS. In the US earlier this year, Google unveiled a brand-new live TV experience that lets users explore over 800 free television stations from various providers in one simple-to-use guide located directly in the Live tab. Android 14 developers’ preview was made available at the beginning of February. The very first public beta of Android 14 was released by Google in April, and the subsequent one soon after Google I/O

The public and beta releases of Android 14 have so far added new accessibility features, such as bigger fonts for those with visual impairments and flash alerts for those who are deaf, as well as changes to security and privacy. For example, you can now disable PIN visuals to make it safer for you to unlock your phone in public. The Google I/O boasted of a few personalization choices for the lock screen that will be available in Android 14 at some point this year.