Google Is Planning Major Update For Its Assistant

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    As per reports, Google is working on Memory, a new Assistant feature. The feature is a collection of the features of a notes application, a to-do app, a reading list in the style of Pocket, and the Pinterest-like collection board. Google Memory will be the singular digital locker that will store and organize all this information.

    What Is Google Memory Exactly?

    Reportedly, Memory can store many different types of content, which include websites, videos, TV shows, shipments, screenshots, restaurants, reminders, recipes, products, playlists, places, photos, notes, music, movies, images, hotels, flights, events, contacts, articles, and books.

    There exists a memorization feature in Assistant presently. However, the new Memory will be quite a big update. It is expected to incorporate the preceding “Collections” feature as well. Furthermore, it is also expected to be present separately on the bar on the main menu.

    The thought behind the feature is that the user can save almost anything to it. Memory can then look through it, revisit, and organize everything saved.

    Of course, Memory will read and understand the content of the saved material. As such, the feature will also provide relevant information: cooking times for recipes, trailers for a saved movie, etc.

    To access Memory, there will be a specific command in Google Assistant. Users can also choose to use the new shortcut that will be present on the home screen. Once added in Memory, the items can have further tags with labels such as “Important” which will help in sorting. Of course, Memory will also enable the user to sort through and search for a certain item among all the saved ones.

    However, the feature is under very early development. The company is yet to announce whether they will even release the feature to the public. A Google representative said that the company is constantly testing out ways of improving user experience, without anything to add about Memory.

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