Scammers Using Google’s Bard AI To Distribute Malware Are Being Sued By Google

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    AI is currently quite popular. Thus, con artists have capitalized on the excitement to exploit those who are curious about new technologies. Google is now intervening and suing the gang of con artists posing as the internet behemoth to obtain the private information of their victims. GC Halimah Prado revealed that the business had submitted a suit in California around Monday against the fraudster organization that had tricked people into installing malware on social media in a recent article on the company’s official blog.

    The Lawsuit Allows Google To Work With Registrars In Deleting The Fraud Sites 

    The con artists, as per the company, “created social networking sites and ran advertisements that urged individuals to ‘download’ the AI chatbot, our open-source reactive AI tool which doesn’t require a license to be downloaded.” As part of their deception, the con artists utilized trademarks, logos, and names of products from Google, such as Bard. Usually, the advertisements direct viewers to a fake website created by con artists and designed to appear to be associated with Google. Users are urged to download Bard software from the website. But in reality, this malicious spyware is used to loot private information from the user.

    Although they are unaware of the identities of the individuals, the lawsuit aims to prevent this particular gang of fraudsters from registering domain names. It allows Google to collaborate with registrars to delete fraudulent sites as soon as they appear. Google claims to have submitted “roughly three hundred takedowns” about this ring of con artists. According to the business, when individuals downloaded the malware that was disguised, their social media profiles were hacked as a result of the plan.¬†

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