Google Maps Add Photographic Search Powered By AI

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    Google Maps will receive a fresh update involving AI that will allow users to make use of the app in a similar fashion to Google Search. This means that users can just type the attractions or objects that they are looking for. Google Maps will then show the user where they can locate their search term.

    An Innovative Update For Google Maps

    The fresh update for Google Maps was announced by the company on October 26th. So far, users have been required to type in a specific address or business. This update will mean that users can use Maps to search for more general products or sights. Google intends to use AI trained in image recognition and machine learning to go through several billion photographs uploaded by users into Maps. The AI will scour through them and show the user the results that match the search.

    As an example, a user can want something more than the usual coffee without any decorations. So they can search for “animal latte art” in the Google Maps app. This will shortly return pictures of art critters on coffees that other Maps users have posted on the app. Then, you can press the picture that you like the most. This will make the app give you directions and information regarding how the picture was taken as well as how to get to that place.

    For less materialistic tastes, you may take examples regarding environmental sights like “waterfalls” or “fall leaves”. The latest update to Google Maps will start arriving in Germany, France, Japan, the UK, and the US by the end of the week. Other countries are scheduled to receive them soon after. Furthermore, there is an additional update planned for EV drivers to help them find charging stations more easily.

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