Google Working On A New Tracking Device

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    A few businesses, like Apple, Samsung, and Tile, have created tracking tags that enable customers to locate lost or forgotten items. A tracking tag may generally be a very useful tool, but during the last year, we have undoubtedly witnessed some of the device’s drawbacks as well. However, it appears that Google is developing a tracking tag of its own, which, although it is still early, may appear this year.

    Kuba Wojciechowski claims that the Google Nest team is developing a tracking tag with the codename “grogu.” Additionally, the item is known by the codenames “groguaudio” or “GR10.”

    Google Will Release A Tracking Tag

    There aren’t many specifics available at this time. But according to Wojciechowski, the gadget would have a built-in speaker and come in a number of colors. Additionally, Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) will be supported by the gadget (LE). These technologies are essential and unavoidably required for precise tracking.

    Google declared that Android 13 would include both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband stacks as standard modules. Both of these technologies, as was previously said, are crucial since they provide improved tracking capabilities while using little energy. Additionally, the “Locator tag” was included as a device type in the Fast Pair developer console, according to Esper’s Mishaal Rahman. Devices may be quickly linked using Fast Pair without having to navigate to the settings menu.

    Wojciechowski said the gadget may be unveiled during this year’s Google I/O Developer Conference and might see retail coming out later in the year at Google’s autumn hardware event, but he didn’t have a specific release date from a source as of yet.

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