Lost Galaxy

‘Lost Galaxy’ Images Captured By The Hubble Telescope

Galaxy NGC 4535 is nicknamed ‘Lost Galaxy’. But recently some astonishing images of the galaxy have been shared by NASA which shows the mesmerizing beauty of the galaxy.

The outstanding images of the galaxy NGC 4535 are clicked by the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Telescope is jointly operated by NASA and ESA. The galaxy, nicknamed as “Lost Galaxy’, has never been seen with so much clarity before.

Image Details Of Lost Galaxy 

The pictures show that the Galaxy consists of numerous sparkling blue spots as well as many dim spots close to the center. According to the scientists, the glowing blue colored spots are actually hot, and bright stars whereas the faint spots with softer color are cooler and older ones.

When asked about the story behind the nickname ‘Lost Galaxy’, European Space Agency (ESA) informs that astronomer Leland S. Copeland gave the nickname to Galaxy NGC 4535. When Copeland viewed the diaphanous appearance of the galaxy in the 1950s, he came up with the beautiful nickname.

The Galaxy, which has a truly beautiful spiral, is studded with bright and soft blue spots. It has always been a subject of curiosity among scientists. Galaxy NGC 4535 or the Lost Galaxy is a part of the Virgo constellation. The distance between the Galaxy and Earth is around 50 million light-years. The images of the galaxy are now included in the survey of Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby Galaxies or PHANGS.

While the Galaxy NGC 4535 has a hazy appearance, the astounding pictures of the delicate, unworldly beauty by the Hubble Space Telescope stuns scientists around the world.