Hulu’s Android TV App Gets Mysterious 720p To 1080p Upgrade; Conditions Applied

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    Hulu, a subscription video streaming app, recently upgraded its streaming quality from an earlier 720p to 1080p in March 2021. However, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this upgrade.

    According to the latest reports by Android Central, 9to5Google, and Gizmodo, Redditors have recently realized that their streaming quality has improved a lot, that is from the original 720p to 1080p. Hulu’s Android TV, however, supports this upgrade in only a select number of TV sets.

    Users who reported this sudden and secret change, first noticed it in the “App and Device Info” page in the streaming app. Following the update, the maximum resolution shows as ‘1920 X 1080.’

    Hulu Makes Sneaky 1080p Update

    Those who reported the change also noted the sneaky way in which such an update had come to them. Hulu’s description page on Play Store doesn’t mention any such update yet. Till now, users believe that the app must have gone through some server upgrades which led to such an update.

    The complete list of the TV sets that support this resolution boost is still not confirmed. But Nvidia Shield, 2019, and Bravia TVs have reportedly noticed the change till now. Both these TV users have reported that they noticed the change in the Hulu App info page on the 23rd of March. However, Hulu’s support pages still have no mention of this update as it was last updated last month.

    The most surprising aspect, as reported by Gizmodo is that Most Hulu users were not aware of its previous resolution before this. However, users currently state that it is nice to have more and more streaming apps to adopt a high resolution. This new feature especially benefits those who invest in high-quality TV sets for higher and better-quality displays.

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